The Drood

The Drood is an experimental rock band from Denver, Colorado. The debut studio album from The Drood has just been released! Traveling a dark and dreamy path through space-rock and psychedelia via an enigmatic sound that slides between sludgy progrock, industrial-esque grit and layered soundscapes, The Drood's new self-titled album explores an eclectic range of emotion, mystery and just plain weirdness. Sure to interest those seeking an esoteric journey in audio form.

Listen here and then buy it on bandcamp.

The Drood Recorded Live

3 for Falling - Live at Globe Hall April 15th 2016. Recording by Drummond West

Words from the Westword

Did Denver band The Drood take its name from Charles Dickens’s final, unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood? We may never know, and that suits this enigmatic crew’s sound — space rock with a dark, dreamy edge — just fine. The group’s mix of fluid psychedelia and sludgy prog/krautrock calls to mind the Legendary Pink Dots, Hawkwind, Saint Vitus and the Melvins. The bandmembers perform in masks, bringing a sense of theatricality to their shows and giving a sort of “Alice Cooper of gloom pop” impression. The Drood will share the stage at Globe Hall this Friday, April 15, with Church Fire and Cloudspell. This rare performance by these Denver weirdos may make you feel as though you’re sitting in with a forgotten cult in its musical sanctum sanctorum.

The Drood reviewed by Westword writer Tom Murphy.

The Drood Recorded by the Denver Post

A bit of our Champalooza show captured by Laura Keeney of The Denver Post.

Live with Orbit Service

A very special show! The Drood live, plus Nathan and Daniel will be sitting-in with Orbit Service!


Two day fest of eclectic Denver bands featuring Champion and The Drood!

Opening for Doe Eye

June 28th The Drood will be opening for Doe Eye! Presale tickets available.

Opening for The Inactivists

Playing along for the Inactivists decade annivirsary and CD awareness party!

First Public Show

The Drood emerge for all to see under the graces of Orbit Service.